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Watercolor + Ink on paper

Watercolor on paper

The title of this post is pun, not a typo.

In August 2014 I dyed my hair purple for the first time. Well actually, the first time I tried to die my hair purple was in the 8th grade and I had no clue about how hair processing worked, so I slapped some Manic Panic purple over my super dark brown hair and ended up with black hair. But back to 2014–I had dyed my hair but it wasn’t quite the right hue of purple. I hadn’t bleached my whole head, instead my stylist had put highlights and some cranberry red into my hair before applying the purple on top. It was cool, but it washed out in a month. Not good enough.

In June 2015 I died my hair purple for the second time. This time I had my whole head bleached and died a vivid violet, but not learning my lesson yet I had my stylist use semi-permanent dye so I spent the summer endlessly tending to pastel purple and blonde hair. Still not good enough.

In October 2015 I decided to go for permanent dye or bust. Finally, I had the deep vivid violet of my dreams and best of all it wasn’t going to wash out!

After all of my purple hair history, I decided to pay tribute to it with an entire page full of magnificent purple dos. I like these illustrations so much, I felt it only appropriate to use my favorite (and most similar to myself) as my personal brand icon.